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KING Aviation has a fleet of 7 single engine aircraft to suit a broad array of training as well as leisure flying needs. From the proven leader for primary training, the Cessna 162, to our brand new Cessna skyhawk, to the challenging complex Piper Arrow with retractable gear and constant speed prop, we have the aircraft to suit every pilot's needs. Whichever aircraft you choose for your flight activities, you can rest assured that it is maintained in top-notch condition. We work with Casey Aviation. Casey Aviation, operated and owned by Jim Casey has based his business here at Mansfield for over 17 years. He has seasoned group of mechanics who have over fifty years of General Aviation maintenance experience. Jim invites anyone and everyone to his shop if you want to learn about the maintenance portion of General Aviation flying.

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Rental Planes

Number Aircraft Rate
N7028L Cessna 162 $114.00
N2143X Cessna 172S $140.00
N2138W Cessna 172S $140.00
N766PD Cessna 172S $140.00
N6065P Cessna 172S - G1000 $160.00
N6909A Piper Warrior $135.00
N251DB Piper Arrow $129.00
Flight Simulator - $40.00