Coinbase: Funding soon via subscription model?

The US crypto exchange Coinbase is apparently planning a new financing model. In the future, it may be necessary for users to take out a subscription to trade in crypto currencies.

A survey should first clarify Bitcoin loophole

When companies consider new products or Bitcoin loophole business models, they often ask their most loyal and active customers for their opinion like on: In this way, it is possible to predict the success of the innovation before it is launched on the market. In the end, it should be the customers who will finance the company’s decision. According to Newsbtc, Coinbase recently launched a customer survey of this kind. The main focus was on a new financing option.

New fee model

Anyone who buys and sells Bitcoin & Co. via crypto exchanges always pays a fee to the Exchange for the transactions. This business model could soon change for Coinbase’s customers. A user survey conducted by Exchange suggests that the San Francisco-based crypto exchange is currently exploring new financing options. A subscription model also seems possible. A new fee structure seems plausible in the constantly changing crypto world. After all, it takes some ingenuity to stay competitive.

In the survey, Coinbase compared its fee model with other exchanges such as Binance, Huobi Pro and Gemini and asked respondents to evaluate the individual models. Another section of the survey presented a subscription model. This could serve to reduce subscriber fees in the long term. Those who pay a “modest subscription fee” monthly or annually could benefit from reduced transaction fees.

It remains to be seen whether this idea will actually be implemented. It therefore remains to be seen which result the survey will bring to light.

A report published in August by the Blockchain Transparency Institute showed that Coinbase had the most active users every day – over 100,000 more than Binance. Nevertheless, Coinbase ranked lowest by transaction volume among the four largest exchanges with over 100,000 active users daily – Binance, Huobi, OKEx and Coinbase. A more attractive fee model could possibly help here.