Bitcoins are decentralized

Bitcoin is the first and now the most important, decentralized currency in the world, which can only be found digitally. There is no central office for the bitcoins that manages or issues the money. Thus, bitcoins are a thorn in the side of central banks and some states. Known allegations against bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies are z. B. that can be well-funded with these terror or other illegal activities.

Bitcoins are decentralized by a computer network (Bitcoin Mining) and managed. At the same time, the network is also the payment system in which the transfers are carried out and also documented. Fans of Bitcoins see in the Bitcoins the money or the currency of the Internet.

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When dealing with cryptocurrencies, be sure to consider the following:

Warning of the Financial Market Authority, OeNB and the European Banking Authority (EBA) on cryptocurrencies
There are advocates and warners when it comes to cryptocurrencies. Some cryptocurrencies are intransparent and you should beware of them. Others are more sophisticated visit the website of the firm and popular and have a high level of transparency, such as: B. Bitcoin. The criticism of supervision such as FMA, OeNB or EBA is far-reaching and someone who puts his money in cryptocurrencies, should be aware that it is not without risk. What are the risks according to FMA, OeNB or EBA?

Strong fluctuations in the price of cryptocurrencies
Trading platforms are not regulated
Trading platforms are not subject to supervision
Wallets can be hacked and emptied
No special legal protection when using bitcoins
Anonymity of use can lead to criminal abuse
Critics of this criticism argue that, of course, these bodies have an interest in concealing or warning against the benefits of cryptocurrencies, as they see the traditional system threatened. Everyone has to decide for themselves if cryptocurrencies are for you or not.

Recent Developments on Cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin Cash
The course of Bitcoin is really on the rise right now. In mid-September, there was some turbulence and a bitcoin price in US dollars of about 3,300 so the BTC rate rose in early November to over 7,500 USD and by mid-December, the Bitcoin price reaches the legendary amount of 20,000 US dollars. An altitude that the course has never before reached and the warning calls are louder that this is a bubble. This apparent blistering affects not only Bitcoin, but also other cryptocurrencies.

The main reasons for this decline are the fact that Bitcoin exchanges have been closed in China and suddenly an important market for cryogenic currencies has collapsed. As the price development on shows, there has been a significant drop in prices within a few days. However, this decline was only short-lived, because the courses immediately attracted attention.

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